SolarConsole is a web based dashboard application that gives you a helpful and easy to setup custom visualisation of your SolarNode’s information.  Fast and responsive, easy to use from tablets and phones, SolarConsole gives you a quick picture of your energy use or solar energy generation – or any of the Sources you are measuring – with some powerful options.


Some of the amazing things you can do with SolarConsole are the following:

  • Compare and Contrast Generation with Consumption
  • See when your building would be importing or exporting power with a “virtual” solar array from your neighborhood.
  • Overlay generation with consumption to see where you could change your behavior to optimise the sun.
  • Compare multiple solar generation sources on the same chart
  • Visually investigate the power quality metrics of your circuits (frequency, power factor)
  • Select Date ranges or periods of data to review
  • Select the types of charts you want to view


The tabbed interface is ready for touch-screen access on  tablet for example, and rich visualisation of the data series is super fast to refresh.

We expect this tool to improve and develop with more features, but because SolarNode and SolarNet are so powerful and flexible, it’s already producing visualisations that are impossible with proprietary systems. As a visualisation application, we’re designing it so that its reporting is modular, so you can slot in new charts as they become relevant to the way you want to see your energy data.

SolarConsole really highlights the advantage of an open, open-source, highly refined software framework for energy manangement that focuses on the big picture.  And when it comes to weather, energy forecasting specific to sites, and visualising the automation of SolarNetwork as it monitors and optimises your network’s energy use – whether it’s your own home or a a distributed array of multiple buildings spread over a large geographic area – watch this space.