The world is rapidly moving toward an interconnected set of real-time information sources that are multiplying in number by the day as more devices connect to the internet . The best way to manage this information these days is by using services – these are centralised, aggregation methods to provide data about a certain device or group of devices using standard APIs that are accessible from a number of different consumers with the right credentials. To be able to provide these services, a certain flexibility needs to be added to software so that it is modular and can be remotely managed. This is particularly relevant in the energy space today, where the strategic importance of distributed generation is becoming very clear.

What is also clear is that there is a huge need to have this software “play well with others”. In many industries, competing hardware manufacturers develop proprietary software for their products, which do not work well in a heterogeneous environment. But the reality is that the internet and the energy markets of the world are both very heterogeneous in terms of the hardware assets that make up the infrastructure we depend on. And this trend, with the advent of solar and distributed storage, is only going to get more intense. In this environment, a focus on management and dependable components is paramount. Read our Requirements about what we think constitutes a great distributed energy management platform.

SolarNetwork is currently made up of 4 main components, all of which are made to “live” anywhere, and be managed securely from anywhere else. Learn more about them here and how they are tied together using SolarQuery the RESTful API:

solarNode The versatile, low-power, low-cost, repeatable client that talks to everything and takes instructions too.
solarNet The central scalable cloud server that holds your data, maintains your security model, accepts Datum from and serves up dataset for SolarNodes, SolarConsole, SolarQuant and other apps.
solarConsole The lightweight and responsive energy data visualisation App that provides a rich, animated experience on mobile browsers.
solarQuant The experimental deep-learning app that aims to develop Active Energy Signatures.