There are many applications that SolarNetwork can support, with some of the basic ones listed below. But because SolarNet is a repository of  practically any type of energy-related information – DC and AC Power, Energy, Temperature, Weather, Electricity Spot price – we believe that new and derivative applications will emerge.  Relevant information developed from your site-specific data will be most valuable asset, and we encourage developers to keep pushing the envelope as new capabilities from low cost data acquisition (IoT sensors), higher capacity data transport (IP bandwidth), and an explosion of useful web services via RESTful APIs make more options available all the time. Applications that combine these data sources and their derivatives will likely produce incredible utility for consumers and businesses alike.  Here are are a few so far:

Energy Audits
Educational Energy Data Laboratories


Asset and Load management, Remote Switching and Hardware Control


Solar generation and energy consumption monitoring
Energy Signature development and Energy Forecasting