As a software platform SolarNetwork publishes its code base, licensed under the GPL, at Github here:


SolarNetwork Foundation is charitable trust operating under the supervision of the Charities Commission of New Zealand (Charities Act 2005). Our Charities Commission Registration number is CC54093.


Its focus and mission is provide the needed advanced software infrastructure and training to all citizens allowing them to collect and report on energy use, highlighting the opportunities for conservation, efficiency, and renewable integration. The core platform, SolarNetwork, is 100% open-source, and hopes to enable the current and next generation of energy consumers and producers to collect the evidence about the effects of energy production on our environment, and promote the best ways for communities to be more strategic and intelligent about their energy consumption.

SolarNework is an open-source project that was commenced in 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand, with a goal of producing the most elegant and useful enterprise platform for energy management that we could as an open-source platform. We believe that the energy data you produce in the process of consuming and generating energy is valuable, and that you should do what you want to do with it. Too often the data resides locked up in proprietary products, or held in inconvenient formats that are not totally flexible and free.  In addition we felt that value came not only derived from the source of data sets but from the comparison an interrelation between the data sets – so SolarNetwork was designed to break down those silos.

We felt that there were four big disruptive trends happening with energy and those were:

  • distributed generation
  • open-source software
  • deep-cycle energy storage
  • ubiquitous, low-cost, high speed information transport (or just say: the internet)

These four forces have been going under massive transformations over the last few years and will continue to dominate the shape of energy innovation, no matter what acronyms they get binned under.

Since 2008 the software platform has expanded and refined itself into an enterprise IoT platform used by many commercial and not-for-profit entities, homeowners and technologists. It allows these organisations to accomplish things with their energy data that simply cannot be done with proprietary solutions.  It has distinguished itself with a few awards, and products and services built with it have received recognition from these organisations:

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Investment in SolarNetwork is high – a recent audit of the person-hours needed to build it has reached into the millions. But more importantly, this high-end software platform is 100% open-source and encourages the makers of today to download the software, get involved with the innovation communities that are out there, and take control of your energy future. The capability to solve energy problems, save money, improve our shared natural environment, and empower communities to make their own energy choices is staggering to behold today.  SolarNetwork stands on the shoulders of giants to pursue these challenges, among many other valuable open-source projects, to see what’s possible.

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Our solarnode developer mailing list can be found at: Solarnetworksolarnodedevelopment@lists.sourceforge.net

If you are a developer, facilities manager, energy aggregator, or data analyst please check out the code at GitHub or Sourceforge – there may be a lot of base functionality that SolarNetwork can provide for your projects.  In our opinion there is still a lot of work to do to improve energy use, we are still in the early days of a giant transformation. We encourage you to collect your requirements,explore the software, and then make something that simply hasn’t been done before.