Energy Management Platform

2018.04.15: Recent News about SolarNetwork here

SolarNetwork is a modern platform for energy management development. Capable of capturing energy information from a variety of sources, storing that information and beautifully visualising it the way you want to. SolarNetwork is 100% open-source, and focuses on the integration of distributed renewable energy sources. It’s built to be massively scalable, incredibly configurable and easy to adopt.  SolarNetwork is built for organisations who want to study and manage energy use and generation from a distributed set of assets, report on those assets and even control their behaviour remotely.

They key aspect of SolarNetwork is that it’s ready to use the way you want to use it.  Energy markets around the world are becoming increasingly fragmented with the increased use of photovoltaics and distributed deep-cycle storage, and the use of real-time information is a key ingredient to the IoT solutions that are emerging.  If you want a reliable, customisable and easy to manage platform for your distributed generation rollout, SolarNetwork is for you.

To get a full picture of how organisations are using the platform, the best place to start is probably Applications. Enjoy!