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Solar Network

SolarNetwork's Amazing Plug-in Framework

Plug-in Repository

One of SolarNetwork's most amazing advances recently is the online OSGi Bundle Repository. This allows a user who wants to monitor solar, consumption, spot-price, weather and more sources of data to simply choose the components from a menu. Built in pure Java using the OSGi framework, each module is a OSGi bundle that is downloaded from the respository, installed, and set running to start collecting data right away. It's enterprise energy software deployment that's point and click, so you can get on to other interesting projects. The repository helpfully indicates if there are any updates to the bundles you have running. Practical of course, but no less amazing.

Plug-in List

Published in a standard format, the bundles on the SolarNetwork repository get updated regularly. You can choose from a menu of Plug-ins right in your browser, and securely deploy new functionality to your solarnode. Might you want to monitor multiple IEC 61036 kilowatt-hour meters, single and 3-phase solar inverters or an array of charge-controllers - go ahead! We also offer bundles that consume web services for devices - it's all available on the expanding Solarnetwork bundle repository.

But don't worry about losing complex configurations that you've built, because solarnode also offers a user interface that allows you to Backup and Restore your configurations. We find this very useful when getting to remote solarnodes when all you have is an SSH connection - you can still use the lightweight graphical configuration tool in your browser to add to, edit, backup and restore solarnode configurations. This is a super useful tool for renewable asset management out in the field.

Click here see a video of how easy configuration of a solarnode really is - powerful stuff.


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Plug-in Framework
SolarNetwork's Amazing Plug-in Framework
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Follow Greenstage Power's implementation of the SolarNetwork™ platform on Facebook as we adopt OpenADR for Smartgrid deployments!

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