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Solar Network


Possibly the fastest way to get involved with SolarNetwork development is to try out our new Vagrant VM providing a pre-configured SolarNetwork Eclipse development environment. Read more here.

Software components

SolarNetwork stands on the shoulders of giants, and aims to pick some of the best tools to support Open Standards. Focused on the management strengths, durability, and proven in the field, developers will recognize the advanced tools needed to get started.

Sample Development Hardware

While industrial environments may call for more rugged deployment hardware, as an IoT platform, SolarNode can be run on many of the common pieces of affordable hardware out in the market today - all you need is a Java 7 JVM. Getting started means downloading a boot image from our repositories, and following our Development Guides.

Raspberry Pi RikoMagic Olimex Ebox
BeagleBone Banana Pi UDOO Orange Pi