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Your Power Team October 7th, 2012 SolarNetwork® fully endorses Your Power Team, the most experienced and progressive team running in the AECT Election 2012 in Auckland. This team is great!! Let's see some good decisions being made for energy conservation, holding onto valuable power assets, cutting excessive consulting fees, and keeping the focus on maintaining your dividend. Your Power Team is all about putting the people first - vote in the election October 10-24, 2012 - it really matters!
github October 5th, 2012 SolarNetwork® is moving to github, for some services as we continually refine and improve our technology stack to use the best stuff out there to get these energy applications implemented. Stay tuned...
Energy Datapalooza October 1st, 2012 SolarNetwork® was invited to and attended the Energy Datapalooza at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House in Washington D.C. for the Energy Datapalooza a launch of some major innovation in the open data space. The main idea of the Energy Datapalooza was to open up the huge stores of datasets that the government has via web services, and allow entrepreneurs and innovators to create new products and services from this data. We really enjoyed the modern approach that U.S. CTO Todd Park and EDI director Ian Kalin took towards software development - there was a ton of enthusiasm in the audience attending the event, and you could just sense the broad impacts that this endeavor is going to have on energy policy - it was cool, disruptive and highly advanced - and also really fun!
Code Coverage Tool September 27th, 2012 SolarNetwork® was invited to and attended the CFEE (California Foundation for the Environment and the Economy) Roundtable Workshop on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): The Future of Intelligent Energy, Privacy, and Security along with some prominent players in the California state goverment, ICT companies at the leading edge of smart-grid technologies, Utilities, California ISOs (Independent System Operators), security and privacy experts. Thanks again to Pat Mason, President of CFEE for doing an awesome job of getting everyone together and expertly moderating a fascinating discussion!
Energy Data Jam May 18th, 2012 SolarNetwork® was invited to the Energy Data Jam at Stanford University Business School in Palo Alto, California. This was a meeting organized by the university, the OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) an arm of the White House that "advises the President of the effects of Science and technology on domestic and international affairs" and the Department of Energy. We thought that Dan Reicher deserves a lot of kudos for hosting the brainstorming session - bravo!
Web Based Configuration April 10th, 2012 SolarNetwork® expanded the solarnode client to have an easy to use Web Based Configuration setup so deployment of heterogeneous assets is now even easier!
Code Coverage Tool
Bug Tracking Software
June 26th, 2011 SolarNetwork® has implemented the latest Atlassian toolset to manage bugs, features and changes to the codebase. This web-based toolset is arguably the enterprise standard for managing these entities across a distributed team. We're always looking to use the best components and tools to strengthen and propel the framework we're building, and we're pretty psyched to be using Atlassian!
May 18th, 2012

Follow Greenstage Power's implementation of the SolarNetwork™ platform on Facebook as we adopt OpenADR for Smartgrid deployments!

Feb 23th, 2010

Meet us at the Smartgrids Summit in Wellington, NZ February 23, 2010